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Bangers Sausage House & Beer Garden

Updated: Apr 24

(April 15, 2024)

Hello Hello! Forgive my lack of reviews, it's been a crazy semester! While I was caught up in the chaos and drowning in homework, I came across the nicest beer garden with great food! I found Bangers Sausage House because I was on a mission to try bangers and mash, thanks to the mouthwatering video by @foodwithgreg on TikTok! Bangers Sausage House wins the award for funniest restaurant name and a special place on my favorite restaurant list. 

The restaurant had a server and QR code section and I elected to sit in the serve section. The menu wasn’t overwhelming but was completely packed with house-made options. I knew what I wanted, so I jumped right into ordering bangers and mash ($15). The key takeaways I got from @foodwithgeorge's video is that you need a good quality sausage, amazing mashed potatoes, caramelized onions, and a savory gravy; so those were the standards in which I went forward and I wasn’t disappointed. First Bite: the sausage was seasoned in such a way that highlighted the natural flavors and juiciness of the pork. The Yukon gold mashed potatoes were creamy and buttery and were the perfect vessel for the sausage. The potatoes were dressed with sweet translucent onion pieces that were delicious but left me wishing there were more. Finally, a healthy portion of gravy that pulled everything together and danced on your tongue. 

On the side was a Swiss Chard salad with pickled red onions. I was a bit turned off by this salad by itself due to the bitter and sour components, but if you mixed it with a bite of sausage and potatoes it added a playful pickled flavor. 

Normally when eating out I find myself stuffed but in this instance, I felt perfectly full. For the first time in forever, I was able to order dessert comfortably. I ordered the Snickers in a Jar ($5). There was a thick top layer of chocolate ganache that was super satisfying to crack open, then I dug in. First Bite: A beautiful blend of chocolate, and vanilla ice cream with a subtle zing from the sea salt on top. Digging a little deeper into the jar I found the whole roasted peanuts and caramel. Simple, delicious, and a great way to round out the meal. 

The food was great and the portions were satisfying! This was the first time I finished my entire entree and dessert! I’ll be back again soon, and with a menu full of house-made sausages and so much more I'm inclined to work my way through their menu. 

Banger Sausage House & Beer Garden - (9.1/10)



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