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Corner Flavors of Austin

Updated: Feb 4

January 29, 2023

To say I got the recommendation for this restaurant is a little bit of a stretch. As I was walking by this place a group of women walking out began ranting and raving about how good the restaurant was. I looked up and saw it was Corner Flavors of Austin. There is nothing better than an organic “recommendation” so I decided to walk in and try it.

The space was beautiful. With an open kitchen and an elevated rustic theme, I had very high hopes.

First I started with their Jalapeño Hibiscus Margarita ($14). First Sip: SOUR. There was a heavy pour of sour mix and salt, so much that I could see some floating in the drink. Whether it got knocked off the rim of the drink or was added, I don't know, but I was not a huge fan of it at all. I got no notes from the Jalapeño or the hibiscus and I was overall disappointed with this start.

On to the food. It was a Sunday so I only saw fit that I selected from the brunch menu. I ordered the Eggs Benedict ($18) mostly because in culinary school my mentor would always say “you can tell everything about a kitchen by how they handle their eggs” and I 100% agree with that sentiment. When the plate came out it was beautiful and classic looking with the perfectly poached egg, pale hollandaise, thick bacon, and some grilled asparagus and fire-roasted tomatoes for a pop of color. First Bite: the bacon was beautifully cooked, not too crispy, and melted in my mouth. The hollandaise fell a bit short for me, it lacked any major flavor but the texture was creamy and smooth. The egg was poached flawlessly, however, the asparagus and the tomatoes on the top were cold. Overall the dish was underwhelming and for the price and the ambiance of the establishment, I just expected so much more.

To end this review on a positive note, however, my waitress Lauren was an absolute peach, and I would return to tip her again. She was fantastic.

Corner Flavors of Austin 5.8/10


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