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Las Bis

Updated: Feb 4

March 12, 2023

Las Bis was a beautiful rooftop bar and eatery on the eighth floor of a downtown hotel, just a stone's throw away from the capital building. The inside was a fun, casual space with comfy couches and swinging chairs. Unfortunately, it was waaaaay too windy to eat outside, but the view was stunning.

I started with the Truffle-Ham Bikini Sandwich ($15). First Bite: a crunchy outside and a creamy, cheesy inside with a sweet nip from the honey ham. Think of it as an elevated grilled cheese. It hit the spot. My only issue was the way it was stacked on the plate. The shingling caused the slice on the bottom to become slightly soggy.

Then I had a Grapefruit Posset (no price because they very kindly comped it for me). A posset is a dessert made with thickened cream and usually flavored with citrus (typically lemon, but in this case

grapefruit). First Bite: I was overwhelmed by the grapefruit. Though, I expected as much given that the top was completely covered in thick slices of grapefruit. Once I got down to the cream, the dessert became much more balanced. The cream was light and sweet and very yummy.

Unfortunately, overall, I wasn't a fan of the dessert, but from a culinary standpoint, it was good. And it would be perfect for a hardcore citrus lover.

Both the Bikini Sandwich and the Posset were recommended by the cook on staff, Autumn (who was a hoot to talk to).

Las Biz was a fun spot to get a drink and snack, after a night out.

Las Biz - 6.9/10



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