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Lazarus Brewing Co. (6th Street Location)

Okay! So I don't do reviews for places I frequently go to. Mainly because I have vivid nightmares about getting kicked out of my favorite places. However, this is my favorite study spot, has the best couches to get lost in my most recent book (she says as if she’s a big reader), and is where most of these restaurant reviews come alive. If you haven't yet, you have to check out Lazarus Brewing Company!

Great beer, warm people, the perfect ambiance for any level of procrastination, and solid food! My go-to order is a matcha latte super sweet, which is a necessity if I want to get any amount of work done. If I need a light study snack I spring for the chips and guacamole with extra lime. However, if I need to hunker down for awhile I go for a rice bowl loaded with either their pollo verde or carne asada. The rice is always perfectly cooked, the black beans are consistently well seasoned, and the protein is very tasty.

Lazarus is also always coming out with new beer for the menu. I won’t lie, I am not a big beer person but I have found some of my favorite beers there (the Prickly Pear Sour was my favorite and I miss it so much). The staff is so kind and patient, if you're just getting into beer or don't care most days but are curious this is a great place. The staff is passionate and loves talking people through different vibes, flavors, and bodies of beer.  

They also have this cool component to the business called the Patron Saint Glasses. These are very limited $1200 blown glass, double-handled “passing glasses” that get you a free beer every day for life! It’s them saying “The first one is on us!”, which I think is just plain cool. If I become a millionaire one day, I’ll be getting one.

To avoid sounding too much like an ad, I'll stop here! Long story short, you'll probably find me at Lazarus! You should check it out! Okay, rant over!



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