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Lin Asian Bar + Dim Sum

Updated: Apr 22

January 1, 2023

'Sum'med up, Lin Asian Bar + Dim Sum was "An Explosion of Flavor", and I knew it was going to be a phenomenal culinary experience when I could smell the food a block away.

It being new years day and peak dinner rush, I knew it was going to be packed. For my party of one, I waited around 25 minutes. Easily a turn-off at any restaurant (especially if you were wearing the shoes I was wearing), but being familiar with the inner workings of restaurants and having been captivated by the smell, I was committed. Now after dining here, I can say the food is THAT good and VERY worth it.

To start, I had the Cabbage Salad with an Almond Vinaigrette ($15). It was a pile of cabbage, cucumber, and grape tomatoes; lightly tossed in the almond vinaigrette and topped with candied pecans. Cool, refreshing, and a great place to start. The veggies were crisp, and the pecans were a perfect solid crunch of sweet and salty that added a little complexity to the salad that could have otherwise been one-dimensional. I would've loved for the vinaigrette to stand out a little more against the fresh background of the vegetables; however, it was very yummy and made me excited for the main course.

For my entrée, I had the Shanghai Soup Dumpling ($13), a tender dumpling skin filled with a robust pork and vegetable mixture filled to the brim with a flavorful broth. The waitstaff was so passionate about the food and kindly gave me a full rundown of how to eat these (which is not as straightforward as one would think). The First Bite was to remove the top seam to release the steam and drizzle a "Chinese style" red vinegar into the little bun. The second bite was a burst of flavor. A mouth full of tender meat with an occasional gentle crunch of vegetables, all drowning in flavorful broth brought to life by the vinegar encompassed in a melt-in-your-mouth dumpling wrapper.

This was my first time trying a soup dumpling, and I don't think I was truly living before. Five dumplings came per order, and before I had finished my third dumpling, I had already texted two of my friends my recommendation for this restaurant. I was stuffed by the end, but if five more dumplings had come in the order, I know I would've eaten them all. Delicious.

And again, the waitstaff was amazing. They checked on me at every stage of my visit from the moment I put my name down on the waitlist until I had left after signing my receipt. My waiter (and the bartender), Coley, agrees that Lin’s is a great place. His favorite menu items to eat there are the Shrimp with Mushroom Bao or their Crispy Jalapeno Shrimp and highly recommends it the next time I (and when you) eat there.

Please try Lin Asian Ban + Dim Sum at 1203 W 6th St. Austin, TX, 78703; the food is delicious, the staff is passionate, and it's great for any occasion!

Lins Asian Bar + Dim Sum - (9.6/10)



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