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Pueblo Viejo Food Truck (Pickle Rd.)

Updated: Feb 4

March 8, 2023

I am so excited to review this place, and if you know me, you know I LOVE food trucks. Pueblo Viejo is a fun Tex-Mex food dive with an emphasis on tacos!

I ordered the steak tacos on flour tortillas, grilled mixed veggies, green tomatillo salsa, and a side of beans and rice. It also came with a small side of chips and classic chunky salsa ($11.15). First Bite: The chips were crunchy and well-salted; the salsa was very tomatoey, but I enjoyed it, and in true Mexican food fashion, I stuffed myself with chips and salsa before my food came out.

First Bite: The taco burst with flavor; the steak was juicy, the peppers were perfectly grilled, and the caramelized onions added the perfect spritz of sweetness. The green tomatillo sauce offered a small kick, but it wasn't overwhelmingly spicy. Pueblo Viejo offers a wide variety of salsas, so you're bound to find one that suits your palate!

Unfortunately, I wasn't a huge fan of the refried beans; I found them ever so slightly watery and under-seasoned. I can't speak too harshly of them, however, because of course, the best beans are your abuela's beans. So I am very biased in this area.

The rice had good flavor, but I was slightly turned off by the large chunks of carrots and whole corn mixed in. This is at its core an aesthetic preference, the carrots were tender and cooked well, while the corn added a hint of sweetness to balance out the robust flavors of the tomato.

Pueblo Viejo has two other locations but this one is hard to beat! Overall, this was a great experience, and I am very happy that this is the first food truck I'm reviewing. Located in the cosmic beer garden on Pickle Rd. I highly recommend this truck! The manager of the Pueblo Viejo highly recommends the quesadilla taco with chicken the next time I (and you) come to visit!

If you're looking for a good taco and some time in the sun, Pueblo Viejo on Pickle St. is here for you.

Pueblo Viejo Food Truck 8.1/10



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